The Last of Us Part 1

PlayStation Releases 10-Minute Look at The Last of Us Part 1

Following yesterday’s leaks of The Last of Us Part 1, PlayStation released an official 10-minute “Rebuilt for PS5” deep-dive into the game which features interviews with the directors, gameplay, cinematics and comparison shots of the original and the upcoming PS5 remake.

While there has been questionable criticism in the past from “fans” claiming that the game is just a cash grab for PlayStation. The extended look at The Last of Us Part 1 shows off that Naughty Dog didn’t just want to create a one-to-one remake but instead try to capture the original conceptual vision of the game that wasn’t possible at the time due to the limitations of the time.

“More than two years ago when we were finishing The Last of Us Part 2 and we’re working on those flashbacks within that scene for that first game, we got excited with [an] idea. “Oh man, what if we made The Last of Us Part 1 to look as good, if not better than what we [have] done with The Last of Us Part 2” which we really pushed the boundaries of like what we could do from gameplay in a graphical standpoint/ [We] felt like if we do that we could actually come even close to our original vision of what the first game would have been having we not been constrained by technology,” Naughty Dog co-president, Neil Druckmann said in the deep dive.

The development team took the lessons learned during the development of The Last of Us Part 2 and added multiple additions to the remake. The first according to the PlayStation Blog was an improved resolution/framerate to the game that renders native 4K that targets 30 FPS or at a dynamic 4K that targets 60 FPS as well as recreating characters at the highest fidelity in both cutscene and gameplay which is the same character making the transition in the game seamless. Plus enhancement to environments and 3D audio which allows players to be much more grounded and aware in the world of The Last of Us Part 1.

Also now with the PS5, Naughty Dog has now the ability to increase the density of physical objects in a scene like destructible objects for example not seen before in the original. Naughty Dog also brings over its AI system from Part 2 giving characters a better way to “inhabit the world in a more authentic and realistic way, such as buddy characters navigating cover to avoid enemy NPC sightlines more authentically.” Other additions include cleaner movement, more render modes, evolved photo mode, permadeath mode, speed run mode, more unlockables for Ellie and Joel, a model viewer mode, and its award-winning accessibility features that now come with audio description built into the game.

The Last of Us Part 1 is scheduled to launch on PS5 on September 2nd, 2022 and is in development for PC.